Activate UAN Number In Easy Way

To Activate the UAN number in an easy way, you need to visit on official site of PF ( Click Here ). By clicking on ( Click Here ), you will be directed to pf official site as shown below.


Nowadays many have received their UAN Number but are not yet activated due to that many people are unable to check their PF Passbook, their service history, their KYC . and so much information that is required.  Activated UAN Number has so many benefits.  You Can Update your KYC Online, by doing that you will be able to apply online for pf PF Passbook, For PF Advance, and also for PF Claim After Termination/Resignation or after retirement. So  Activate UAN Number in Easy Ways

Then, Under Our Services > For Employee you will see Member UAN/Online services(OCS/OTCP).  By clicking on that link you will be redirected to another page ” Unified Member Portal  As shown below.

uan activate
uan activation link

Below, On the right-hand side click on Active UAN (Activate UAN Number In Easy Way).  Then enter your UAN number i.e. provided to you by your company/employer. Mandatory fields like Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, and captcha.

uan activate
Personal Information
By Clicking on Get Authorization Pin, you will receive an SMS on your mobile number that you have entered. you will get the screen as below.
Uan Activate
Received UAN Number

 Activate UAN Number In Easy Way

Uan Activate
Received OTP
Enter OTP click on Validate OTP and get UAN. That’s all you need to do.
You have successfully activated your UAN number.
You will receive a message from EPFO that contains your UAN number and its status. As shown below.
uan activate
Received a message from UAN

Here it is, your UAN activation Status. This is how to  Activate UAN numbers in an Easy way. I hope you like this post. Please leave a comment if I can help.

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