Online Registration Haryana Labour Welfare Board | LWF Registration

Online Registration Haryana Labour Welfare Board | LWF Registration: Haryana state government is providing numerous schemes to the state workers working in the private company. These Schemes are providing by the labour department Haryana. Labour department Haryana is providing Labour welfare fund schemes. There are more than 20 or more schemes like cycle schemes, scholarship schemes, LTC schemes, and Dental care schemes, etc.

  1. Visit the official site of Labour Department Haryana Here ( Scroll down and click on Online Registration Haryana Labour Welfare Board.
  2. Process flow for filing of online application for welfare scheme Overview

This section deals with information to provide online services under the Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Act, 1965 to all the employees/workers employed in Industrial and Commercial Establishments of Haryana State and guidance is available to these workers for taking benefits of welfare schemes run by Haryana Labour Welfare Board.

Basic Instructions & Features:

To utilize the online services please follow these basic steps (wherever asked):

  • Login Id and password creation: On the web-portal, Labour Welfare Board user(employee/worker) has to enter his Aadhaar number and one-time password detail will be sent to the user on the registered mobile number to create his / her login Id (Please remember your user name and E_mail Id).
  • Enter the relevant information (as required): During registration, the user has to create a profile which is their Basic Information form. This form contains all the basic information of the employee/worker and his family members’ detail and required documents are uploaded like wages slip etc.
  • Document Submission (as required): Make sure that the documents are submitted in the prescribed format and size. Submission of application for processing.
  • Application Tracking: The user can track the status of his application online and relevant updates will be sent to him on his registered mobile number/email id.
Online Registration Haryana Labour Welfare Board
Online Registration Haryana Labour Welfare Board

Finally, acknowledge that I have fully read and understood the above guidelines of online services and Submit.

  • Select Welfare Worker ( if you are an employee of the organization.) or select Shop Establishment/ Factory if you are an employer.
  • Enter aadhaar no.:- Worker has to enter his aadhaar number if provided aadhaar no matches to aadhaar no. provided by establishment/ factory owner provided to the welfare board and department then worker/ employee can log in to the application. OTP will be sent to the mobile no. provided by the establishment or factory owner.
  • The worker has to fill in all the details and red * marked fields are mandatory. The worker has to upload the worker’s photo and then click on the “Submit Button” to submit the application.
  • Successfully Registered page will appear like below image and SMS/ email will be sent to the worker.

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