Haryana Labour Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme – LWF Haryana

Haryana Labour Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme – Haryana Government Labor Department:

Under this scheme, financial assistance of Rs. 51,000 is provided to the laborers working in the industrial and commercial institutions of Haryana State for their girls’ wedding and women workers working for their own wedding. is. From 23.02.2015, the benefit of the said scheme is being extended for the marriage of 03 girls to 03 girls and from 15-01-2019 the amount of Kanyadaan will be provided three days before the date of the wedding. With the implementation of this scheme, the girl will not be considered a burden in society and the discrimination between boys and girls will also be reduced to some extent. This assistance will not have any effect on the financial assistance received by the workers from other sources. Haryana Labour Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme

Conditions set for eligibility:

1. Within six months after the date of the wedding, the manager will present the marriage registration certificate to the concerned office of the board. If within six months, the manager does not present the said registration certificate to the board, then he will have to deposit the amount given under the said scheme with the board.

2. Undertaking of the marriage of the laborer has to be presented by the institution.

3. The laborer will upload an undertaking that clearly describes the board for the first time, the second time, or the third time, or never taking any donation.

4. In order to apply for the family member/dependent of the laborer, proof of dependence on the laborer such as ration card, etc. has to be uploaded along with the application.

5. Under this scheme, the service period of the laborer has been reduced from 5 years to 3 years with effect from 15-01-2019.

6. The monthly salary of the worker should not exceed Rs. 25,000 / -.

Haryana Labour Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme
Haryana Labour Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme

Purpose of Haryana Labor Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme Scheme:

Financial Assistance Scheme in the form of Kanyadaan on the celebration of the marriage of the girls of the contributory workers and the self-employed women in the concerned organization

How many times can one apply?

The worker can apply only once during service.

Haryana Labor Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme Scheme amount:

Maximum price of 51,000 / – or Haryana Labor Welfare Marriage Gift Scheme

Phase 1:
Visit the official site of the Haryana Labor Welfare Board (https://hrylabour.gov.in/). Choose the welfare board beneficiary from the user select dropdown menu. Enter your username (the first three words of the seven letters of your name and the last five digits of your mobile number) and password and captcha and log in. Click here to learn how to create a username and password. stage 2:
Go to the option “Scheme” showing on the menu bar. Click on the “View Details” option against the name of the said scheme. Scroll down and click “Apply Plan”
Step 3: Your name, father’s name, Aadhaar number will be shown.

step 4:

Then you have to self-verify and upload the required certificate through your employer. Please upload all certificates/documents in a jpeg, png, jpg, pdf, doc, Docx file maximum 500KB size

Step 5:

After uploading all the documents, review them and click on Generate OTP. An OTP with an Aadhaar number will be sent to your mobile number. Enter that OTP and apply. You can apply successfully for the scheme. Now wait and after few days check the status of the plan. You will receive the amount of the plan in your bank account.

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