Change Father Name in EPF Account- Change Name in EPF UAN

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Here in this post, we will share with you, how you can change the Father Name in the epf account. This will help you to update yourself. And you will not need to find anyone’s paid help

Change Father Name in EPF Account

Change Father Name in EPF
Change Father Name in EPF
Follow the below steps to find out how to Change Father Name in EPF Account:

Step 1: Go to the uan member portal: and log in using UAN number & password.

Step 2: Go to the Manage > Basic details section from the given menu options and click on it.

Step 3:  There you will see only 3 three options, Father Name, Date of birth and gender. These three options can only be changed on the basis of Aadhar Card. Details as per your aadhar card should be matched with UAN number details. As shown below.

 Step 4:  Now, you can update your Father Name, date of birth or gender as per your Aadhar card. You will receive the OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter OTP, verify it and submit.

Step 5: Your request will be shown as “pending at employer”. Your employer will have to approve this and then the epfo official.

Step 6: Then request will see seen by the EPFO authorized person and they will accept your request within 15 working days. You can also check this after a small interval of time by logging into your uan number.

How to do it offline.

If someone still wants to go offline and make the corrections, a joint declaration by the employee and employer needs to be filled up and submitted to the EPFO.

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  1. If my Aadhar is already verified.and my details aren’t editable. So in that scenario what’s need to be done to change my father name

    • There is no need to change your father name or any others if that is uneditabl. That means your kyc is already verified and you can apply for withdraw for transfer the claim. If any way you wanted to edit only EPFO official can do, for that you will have to request to your HR they will provide in written and than can be changed

      • my epfo is rejected saying father name mismatch. and in portal im getting Aadhar is already verified. what should i do in this scenario.. how should i claim online
        pf transfer??

      • My pf online claim transfer has been rejected because of father name mismatch, but i m getting warning ‘Aadhaar is already verified, basic details cannt nbe edited. so what should i do with this scenario. My pf online transfer is blocked.please guide me through

        • Hi Anitha ,

          Did you get any information on your issue ? I am also facing the same issue . The problem is , currently I live in Germany and not working for Indian company anymore. I don’t know what to do ?

          Hoping to get some information you 🙂 Thanks in advance !



      • If your kyc is already verified and aren’t editable in that case you need to get the joint declaration form from your employer, submit that to nearest pf officials. IT WILL BE UPDATED OFFLINE ONLINE NO OPTION TO CORRECT ONLINE, You are suggested to contact your HR even if have resigned

  2. To change father’s name, gender, DOB, DOJ, DOE etc you should submit Joint declaration form to EPFO duly signed by present or previous employer along with copy of self attested pancard and Aadhaar card.

    • Hence the middle name and last names are different, so you can not change this online, it’s a major change.

      You will have to submit the joint declaration form through your employer and need to be submitted to the EPF office.

      For more information contact your company HR


      • Father name mentioned wrongly in EPF portal and when I tried to edit the name online but message popping up that your andhar card already verified and not editable,
        So I applied for PF online claim, its rejected by PF Department,
        The Reason for rejection mentioned as father Name mismatch first correct it then apply

        Then I tried to contact my employer for get verify joint declaration form and then only I came to know that employer closed permanently

        1. Unable to edit online because already Andhar verified so its not editable

        2. Ex-Employer closed permanently

        3. Because of Corona I’ll not get any job till now so Currently not working so its not possible get verification from current company

        So I am struggling to get verification from employer, what is the solution for this issue, How can I claim my amount EPF account

        • V. Durairaj

          I have the same issue as my previous employer is closed and I have no contacts.
          Moreover with new employer i have received the new UAN number hence cannot have verified with current employer as well.
          Online it shows Aadhar is already verified and hence it is not editable. My father name is not updated hence not able to claim or either transfer to current UAN.

          Please suggest guys something.

          Nandan Kumar

      • My father Name was not updated by HR Office n I didn’t find any options in online how to I updated HR people are saying that this day no offline I have to wait to corona

  3. Aadhaar is already verified. Your details aren’t editable.-Error is comming

    Please help me to change my father name ” last latter change from O to A”

  4. How many days EPFO will take to change the father name in UAN. My employer is submitted the correction for one month back. still it is not changed. how to track the procedure?

  5. Hi i have sent declaration form to change father name with required documents and today its 44th Day after i submit still how long it will take

  6. I am trying to transfer funds from previous employer to current. But I get message “Details of previous account are different than present account. Hence claim request can not be processed”.
    Can I please know what changes I need to do. I just see, Father’s name and relation are missing in previous account. Please help me in that.

  7. I know this won’t help here. But this process itself is so stupid, why there is a need of father’s name in approving claim? It is employee’s money and as long as employee name is matching with any govt ID, then father’s name match shouldn’t matter! Even if it matters, then give a way to the employee so that they can share evidence online. Again, a lot of people are unable to claim their own money just because one name is not updated at your stupid portal. I mean honestly; Employee earned that money, not his father!!!

  8. Hi, I am not getting the option under basic details to correct my father name. The screen message appearing on basic details is “Aadhaar is already verified, Your details aren’t editable. Please advise on tis scenario

  9. Hi! I need to get my father’s name corrected in the PF account of my previous organisation which is closed now. My father’s name is showing correctly on UAN but not in the previous PF account. My current employer has directed me to contact EPFO for this correction. Your help will be appreciated.

  10. mine father name is showing SH in pf site 15 days before that i have checked it was ok how come it change to SH and even i have submitted the document to pf office to change from mine employer but 6 months have crossed still it is pending……………..

  11. I am ManiKumar. My UAN no is 100442968207 , My father’s name is not updated in my EPFO accounts, My father’s name is Mevalal. plz update urgent basis asap.

  12. Dear, please dont give false information. If you have no idea then keep silent. Why useless posting like this? Since starting, till date there is no option to change or edit fathers name in epfo portal. Correction can be done through offline by submitting joint declaration form only.

  13. hi, My father name is not appearing in the system. How and where to check the same.
    pls guide. My father’s name as per adhaar card is KISHORI LAL SHARMA. Pls advise.

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