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Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme Apply Online: Punjab government labour fund schemes are being provided to the labour and the employee’s who are working under Factory act or under Shops & Establishments Act. The Punjab Govt. is providing 19 (Nineteen) different schemes to the workers/employees and their families. The mission of these Labour Welfare fund schemes is to uplift the living standard of the employee’s & their families, also to help them financially. The beneficiary amount is directly credited to the bank account of the users.

Till now, Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme are being provided by filling up the manual forms and submitted to Labour department after attesting by the employer. But now, Punjab Govt. has ordered to enroll all employee on Labour Department portal so that all employee can get the benefits of the scheme by applying online and well on time. Soon the schemes will be starting to apply online as Haryana Labour Welfare Fund Department has already started to accept claims online. Here we will discuss the Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Schemes, application process and eligibility criteria etc. all in detailed. You can also know more details about Labour Department & Their Inititavise. Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme[/caption]

A brief note on Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme:

Total numbers of schemes under Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme is 19. The minimum amount from these can be claimed from 1000 to 51,000 for one time or on annual basis depending on the conditions of the scheme. These schemes can be claimed by the worker for himself/herself or for his/her family members. required documents, Application Process, eligibility and the amount can be claimed by such worker under such schemes details are given below:

Scheme 1: Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Beema Yojna (BPSSBY)
  • This Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme provides free medical treatment for the worker and his/her family.
  • Treatment up to 51,000/- Rupees for Indoor medical aid in any Govt. or Panelled Private Hospitals.
  • The Bhagat Puran Singh Sehat Beema Yojna scheme can be claimed by the employee or his/her family members.
  • This schemes can be claimed by the only worker who is working and registered in Labour Department Punjab.
  • Moto of this schemes os to provide medical support to the worker and their family members.
  • In case of death under this scheme or 100% permanent disability, the insurance company shall be paid up to 5,00,000/- Rupees.
Scheme 2: Ex-Gratia Scheme:
  • Ex- gratia Up to 4,00,000 Rupees in case of Accidental death
  • Up to 3,00,000 Rupees in case of Natural death
  • Ex- gratia Up to 4,00,00 Rupees in case of 100 % Permanent disability.
  • In case of Partial disability 4000 per 1 % disability, maximum 4,00,000 Rupees.
  • In case of worker death, the amount will be given to the nominee of the member as per BOCW rules 2008.
  • The death certificate, in case of worker’s death, will have to produce along with Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme application form.
  • Partial or Permanent disability certificate issued by Civil Surgeon needs to be attached along with application form.

Note: In case, worker covers under ESIC, he/she will not be eligible for Ex-Gratia Scheme.

Scheme 3: Stipend Scheme for BOCW registered workers Children:

The worker’s children’s can get the stipend as per their qualifications if the worker is registered Construction worker’s of the board. Below are the class wise stipend amount for boys and girls. New rates for these schemes are effective from 01.04.2016.


Eligibility conditions for this schemes:

  • Benefits can be availed if the employee is registered in Punjab Labour department.
  • Stipend, uniforms and educations allowance will not be given to the student in case fails in the last class.
  • If the employee is getting benefits from other institutes or department, will also be eligible for this.
Scheme 4: Shagun Scheme for 2 daughters Marriage of Registered Worker:
  • This Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme can be availed for only two daughters of the employee
  • If the daughter or female herself registered can avail the scheme
  • 31,000 Rupees will be given as a shagun for each marriage.
  • Marriage certificate shall be produced by the employee.
  • An employee will have to apply within three months of the marriage.
  • If the employee is getting benefits from other institutes or department, will also be eligible for this scheme
  • These rates are effective from 30.03.2015.
Scheme 5: Leave Travel Concession (LTC) Scheme:
  • An amount up to 2000 rupees can be provided to the employee if registered.
  • The LTC form can be submitted by the employee along with self-attested documents cum declarations duly verified by the Labour Commissioner or labor coordinate officer.
  • In case of any incident accident during the journey, no compensation will be provided.
Scheme 6: Scheme for reimbursement of expenditure incurred for the serious treatment:
  • Under this Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme, the Labour welfare fund department can reimburse up to 1 lakh rupees or the actual expenses
  • List of the dangerous diseases can be covered are:
    • Occupational Dermatitis
    • Occupational Cancer
    • Asbestosis
    • Silicosis
    • Jaundice
    • Toxic Anaemia
    • Cancer Treatment
    • Kidney transplant
    • Heart Surgery
    • & many other as mentioned in the below attachment
  • This benefit can be availed by the employee or his/her family members only
  • The disease must be verified by the Civil Surgeon

Scheme 7: Scheme for Spectacles, Denture and Hearing Aid:
  • 5000 Rupees amount of Dental care.
  • 800 Rupees amount of Spectacles
  • 6000 Rupees of an amount for Hearing Aid
  • These schemes can be availed only if the employee is registered
  • This scheme can be availed by an employee or his/her family members too
  • The Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme can be given only on the recommendation of Govt. medical officer/Incharge of the ESIC dispensary
  • If the employee has already been availed the benefits from another department, he/she is not eligible under LWF for this scheme
Scheme 8: Financial help on cremation and last rites in the State of Punjab after the death:
  • Financial help of up to 20,000 rupees can be given to the employee
  • This scheme is applicable to active employees only
  • If the employee age is more than 60 years or for any other reason he/she shall not apply for this scheme
  • The financial help can be given in case of death of the registered employee.
  • In a death case, the family member will have to produce the death certificate of the registered employee.
  • The beneficiary must be depositing his/her contributions on regular basis.
 Scheme 9: Skill Upgradation & Vocational Education Scheme:
  • This scheme is for the registered users and their children
  • For skill technical courses like ITI & Polytechnic Diploma, the LWF board provides full course fees, boarding and lodging etc expenses.
  • Skill development centers at Ludhiana, Amritsar, Mohali, and Jalandhar for the skill enhancement of the bocw workers.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning(RPL) Under board provides 35 rupees per hour as an incentive to the constructions workers to get training in this mode.
 Scheme 10: Skill Financial Assistance Scheme for General Surgery:
  • Under this Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme board provide financial help of up to 50,000 rupees or the actual expenses
  • The employee must continuously be depositing the LWF contribution & must be registered.
  • The employee can avail this benefit for himself/herself or for the family.
  • If the employee covers under ESIC, LWF board cannot guarantee the financial help.
  • This scheme can be availed only once in a financial year.

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Scheme 11: Pension Scheme of Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme:
  • 2000 Rupees per month shall be given as a pension under Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for the employee and 1000 for family Pension
  • The employee must be registered and age must be more than 60 years
  • 3 years of the regular contribution must be given to the board by the employee before attaining the 60 years of age
  • If the employee is having minimum 1 year of employment and in case of 100 % permanent disablement, will be eligible for the scheme from the date of disablement
  • In case of employee died and having one year or more employment tenure, his/her widow will get 50 % of the pension until he/she remarries.
  • In case of only one wife or husband is getting the pensions after the death of his/her partner husband/wife will be automatically eligible for the 50% pension
Scheme 12: Cycle Scheme for the Children:
  • The children of the registered worker studying from 9th to 12th class can avail this Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme
  • Freecycle will be given to the children of 9th to 12th standard studying in the state of Punjab.
  • The employee will have to submit self-declaration for not receiving this scheme from Mai Bhago Cycle Scheme of the state government.
Scheme 13: Cycle Scheme for the Workers:
  • Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme provides a free scheme for the workers
  • A worker should be registered for at least one year
  • The worker can also get one cycle after an interval of 5 years.
Scheme 14: Maternity Benefits Scheme:
  • 21000 Rupees will be given to a female worker up to 2 children
  • The worker must be a registered worker
  • Male workers are also eligible for these schemes
  • male workers will receive 5000 rupees for each of two children
Scheme 15: Mobile Lab Scheme:
  • Mobile lab scheme for the detection of Silicious and other diseases
  • Financial help of up to 150000 will be given by the board
  • This scheme can be availed by his/her family member too if found Silicious disease
Scheme 16: Tool Kit Scheme:
  • Financial help of up to 5000 rupees for the workers
  • Workers who got training from the Skill Upgradation or RPL Scheme can get this benefit
  • The worker can get the scheme benefits after every 3 years of span

Scheme 17: Mentally Retarded Children Benefit Scheme:
  • The help of the worker’s children who are not mentally fit
  • Financial help of rupees 20000 will be given in each year.
Scheme 18: Urban Health Kiosk Scheme:
  • The aim of this scheme is to provide the primary health benefits to the workers and their family members.
Scheme 19: Balri Birth Gift Scheme:
  • Financial help of 51,000 on the birth of a girl child as an FDR ( Fixed Deposit)
  • The benefit can be given to maximum 2 girls
  • This money can be withdrawn only at the marriage time of the girl
Scheme 20: Housing Scheme for Construction Workers:
  • Unde this scheme ” Housing for all” of Punjab Govt. Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme board will provide the financial help to the worker of amount’s 1/3 part ( one third) of the interest component against the loan taken by the eligible worker for his/her own home construction.
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You can also the official site of Punjab Labour Welfare Fund for more details. If you have any query on Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme or any questions on Punjab Labour Welfare Fund Scheme, let us know by commenting below in the given box


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