Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations for LWF Final Step

Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations: Here you will get to know the final step of Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations for Labour Welfare Fund schemes. Here you can get the detailed information on the First step of Labour Department Haryana Online Registration. By clicking this link you will get to the step by step detailed information for successful registration. To complete the registration process follows the below-given steps.     

Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations
Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations

Complete the Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations:

After verifying the Aadhar card with the available options i.e Verification by Welfare worker, department officer, Shop establishment or by selecting factory establishment. Now welfare worker needs to enter his/her basic and required details like Bank details, Address details, Passwords and contact details etc. To complete that follow the below steps.

Continued…Department Haryana Online Registrations:

  • A new window will appear on the computer screen of users of “Basic Information”.
  • basic information like Name, father name, Current & permanent address, mobile number, Date of birth, Aadhar card number, Bank details including IFSC code, Educational qualifications, job description, gross salary and email id options.
  • Few of these options can be editable and few can’t be edited. So you will have to enter all pieces of information very carefully. Because at last if you entered wrong details that will put the negative impact on your eligibility the scheme.

Department Haryana Online Registrations – Non Editable options:

These options can not be edited once written & saved, so enter carefully.

  • Name/father name: Name of the employee cannot be edited because it will be verified by the Aadhar card
  • DOB: Date of birth is also non-editable.
  • Gross Salary:  Salary of the employee also cannot be edited by the employee himself. Salary can be updated by his/her employer only.
  • Gender:  Also gender cannot be edited because it is linked to Aadhar card & verified by the Aadhar card number.
Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations
Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations

Editable options – Department Haryana Online Registrations:

  • Mobile Number: The Mobile number can be edited but only by the employer of the department officer, employee himself/herself cannot modify the mobile number.
  • Current/Permanent Address: These addresses can be updated by the employee if needed.
  • Bank Details: The bank details like Bank account number, IFSC code, and Branch address can also be updated. Note that IFSC code is now mandatory because you will receive your scheme benefits online direct into your bank account rather than cheques. 
  • Educational Qualification:  This field is also editable because education may be changed.
  • Job Profile & Email ID: Employee himself can update these two options.

Update Employee History & Family Details:

After successfully updating the above information now employee can check his Employee History and also can update his/her family details. These details may be required while you will apply for the schemes like ” Maternity benefits or Schemes for any dependant Family members. 

Scheme Eligibility- Department Haryana Online Registrations:

Now, at last, the employee can check his.her eligibility for the available schemes. If already applied as per the scheme frequency it will show Apply now or Already Applied options. As shown below:

Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations
Labour Department Haryana Online Registrations- Scheme Eligibility

To apply online for these schemes click on the below links. Click here to visit the Labour Department Haryana Official site.

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