PF UAN MEMBER PORTAL: EPF has provided a platform named EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL. Here members can check their basic details, service history, online services, PF passbook, UAN Card and many more. Here we’ll discuss on above mentioned services by the PF department on EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL.



Member needs to visit the official site of PF. You can simply find that on https://google.com by entering (EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL) or directly you can visit here at https://unifiedportal-mem.epfindia.gov.in/.



By visiting here at official site, login page of PF MEMBER PORTAL will be opened. Here on the right side you will see options to login by entering your UAN Number and password. Under the Important Links

  1. Activate UAN
  2. Know Your UAN Status
  3. Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment

On the left side you can see important links and guidance given by EPFO for member to find and avail benefits easily.

  • Activate UAN: Here you can check how to activate your UAN Number because without activating your UAN number, you cannot access UAN features nor you can login. By clicking here you can also check how to activate your UAN Number.
  • Know your UAN Status: If you have applied for your UAN, than here you can check your UAN Status. As shown below in given image. Here you need to enter your PF number by choosing, State, your establishment or company PF code and then your individual PF number, Name, Date of Birth, and Mobile Number, Email-id. Than you will receive an OTP on your mobile number. By entering your OTP, you will receive another OTP of your UAN Number along with UAN status.


  • Online Aadhar Verified UAN Allotment: This feature is recently launched by EPFO. In this option you can directly allot an UAN number to employee. Enter Aadhar number of the employee. Enter OTP and UAN will be allotted to him/her. If he or she has already an UAN number linked with same AADHAR Number, than it will show an error with old UAN Number(s) highlighted with Red color.


  1. Download PF Passbook Online: you can also download your PF Passbook online. It is same as you bank account passbook. In the passbook you can see total contribution till date from you and your employer side. To know more about how to download PF passbook online, Click here. Here you can see your passbook, month wise contribution, PF fund contribution and Pension fund contribution.
  2. UMANG APP: UMANG App is launched by IT & Electronics department of Govt. of India. Multiple govt. official sites are managed here on a single app. EPFO services are also available here at UMANG App. With the help of this app you can download PF Passbook, Can check Your PF Balance, Your PF Claim status and also you can apply online for your PF claims like PF Advance form 13 and PF settlement claim. Services for employer/company are also provided here. To know more about UMANG APP click here.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  3. View UAN CARD: By logging in using your UAN Number and password, on your dashboard under View option you can check your UAN Card. Your UAN Number, KYC status, your name and Father Name are here. You can also download it as shown below. EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  4. View Member Details: In member details you can check your basic details like Name, Father Name, Mobile Number, Email ID etc. options. You can also confirm that your basic details are correct or not. If there are any correction to do in any of given field, you can request that online in Modify Basic Details option or you can contact to your HR Department if needed.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  5. View Service History: In this option you can see your service history. Like if you worked in multiple organizations under the same UAN Number so all details like your Date of Joining, Date of Leaving. Company name etc. will show there. Here as shown below, in this case I have worked only in one organization so only one company name is showing.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  6. Manage Contact Details: Here in this option you can manage or modify your basic details like your Email ID or your registered mobile number. Here is a sample of contact details as shown below.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  7. Manage Your KYC: KYC means Know Your Customer; In this option you can update your Aadhar card number, PAN Number, Bank account number, Passport details and many more. By updating KYC details you can easily apply for online services through this portal. To know more about KYC, Click here.
  8. Modify Basic Details: Say, your name is incorrect in the PF record. So, you can request here online to modify your name on your Aadhar Card basis. Here in below given image my details are already correct and KYC is also verified, so I can’t update my basic details as they are match able with my Aadhar Card details.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  9. Change Password: In account option you can change your Password as well. Enter your previous or Old Password, Enter new password you wanted to choose, re-confirm it and submit. See below. EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  10. Online Advance Form: If your KYC is updated and verified, you can apply here for PF Advance and PF claim settlement as well. To know how you can Apply Online Advance Click Here.
  11. Online PF Transfer Request: If you had worked in multiple companies and you don’t want to withdraw your PF, than you can request online to transfer your Previous PF to New PF account number provided by your new company. Please see another post to know more about How to Transfer PF.EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL
  12. Track Claim Status: IF you have applied online for Advance of Claim settlement, you can track here your current claim status. As shown below, in this case I have applied Online for Advance twice. My one claim is settled and another claim is under process.


I hope you have well understood about EPF UAN MEMBER PORTAL. Still if you any droughts or query, please feel free to let us know by commenting below in the given comment box. Our team will get back to your query shortly. Keep Learning.


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