Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme (LWF)

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme where that establishment has nine or more than beneficiary is eligible for Labour Welfare Fund. Contribution paid twice in a year, in the month of January and July. Every worker paid Rupees 15/-, Rupees 18/- and minimum Rupees 1500/- by the employer.

How to Apply for Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme:

Employee can apply for the applicable scheme as per required condition of the scheme and by the employer. Employee will be able to apply through their employer. Below given are the required details of the schemes.

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Educational Residential Planning:

Under this scheme of Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme, the girls and boys who are studying in factories/institutions will be able to pay up to 500 Rupees, For Graduates 1000 Rupees, for Post Graduate up to 2500 Rupees and for MBBS, MBA, Polytechnic up to 3000 Rupees scholarship will be provided.

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Best Workers:

Under this scheme 5 workers will be awarded with 5000 Rupees who are working in any factory or institutions. Each worker will get 5000 Rupees per person and a memento and an award certificate.

Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Labor Literature Award:

Under the scheme, 4 workers will be awarded that includes three awards of Rupees of 3,000 / -, 2000 / – and Rupees 1,000 / – in the three awards, Workers Literature, Ratna, Visharad and Praveen Award under the story, essay writing, poetry and memoirs. Certificates are also provided to the winners of the award.

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Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme Girl Marriage Support:

A Daughter of a laborer employed in a factory or institute is educated to the uneducated or financially helps up to 5000 Rupees. An amount of Rupees 8,000 will be provided by the Board to the daughter of the education given to the school. In this scheme daughter of the worker should be more than 18 years.

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for funeral Expenses:

In death case of an employee or worker of any factory or institution under labour welfare fund, assistance amount of Rupees. 10,000 will be given to the family members of employee/workers for the funeral.


Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme


Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Stitching / Combination Training:

Free training of sewing / embroidery will be provided to the working females (women and girls) through the welfare centers that are being run by the Mandal.

Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Health Testing Camp:

Under this scheme free health test camps for workers who are working in different industrial areas of the state and families of the workers too.

Scheme for Sports Competition for Workers:

Under this scheme Worker Sports Competition will be organized from time to time for mental and physical development as well as entertainment purpose of workers in different locations of the State.

Scheme for Publication of Quarterly Labor Welfare Bulletin:

The welfare program running by Mandal, information about activities and schemes operated in the favor of the workers in the state is given through bulletin.

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Scheme for Operation of Labor Welfare Centers:

Under this scheme different programs will be organized from time to time in addition to the reading room and for Indoor Games, like chess, carom board etc., for their intellectual development through the welfare centers for the families of the workers and for the workers too.

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme Copy delivery at concessional rate:

Under this scheme copies for practice manual are being distributed at concessional rates to the sons and daughters of workers studying in the factories / institutes.

Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme for Construction of Community Building :

In this labour welfare scheme for the family programs of the workers (marriage, money, banquet etc.), a community building will be constructed in the areas of 3000 to 5000 square feet of workers in different districts. Building workers will be provided with minimal rent. Under this scheme maximum of workers will get benefit.


You can also download Hindi version of the scheme, click here to download scheme details in Hindi. Chattisgarh LWF Scheme – in hindi


To download Scheme claim form, click below. You can apply for individual scheme by downloading this.


For More details about the Chhattisgarh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme, you can also visit to the official site of the Chhattisgarh state by clicking here,

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