Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme In Detail (LWF)

The Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme was started in 1987 under act number 34. Here we’ll discuss schemes provided by LWF board of A.P for workers, scheme details, and application process. Below are Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme details and process to apply.

How to Apply for LWF Scheme under AP State:

Follow me below-given steps to apply for an LWF scheme under Andhra Pradesh labour welfare fund scheme.

  • Visit AP LWF official site by clicking here…
  • Click on “Apply for scheme benefits from the given menu on the home page.
  • Enter your LWF contribution details.
  • Follow given steps, like Name, Gender, District, and Scheme name, Date of joining etc and process further. You can also refer ( application process along with screenshots.
  • Save your entries, make sure you have entered correct data.
  • Upload required documents related to the scheme as asked in the form.
  • At last, an acknowledgment will be generated of your applied scheme, you can save this or take a print out for your general purpose.

Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board
Important Note:   

“Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme details are available in both languages (Local and English Language.)”

Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme:

The Welfare fund schemes will be provided to the workmen who are contributing to the Labour Welfare department, and who falls under this scheme. Below given is the detailed information about scheme and eligibility criteria.




Workers and their children’s Scholarship:

Each year scholarships are giving on the basis of their merit and up to Rs.1,000/- for passing the 10th class, I.T.I.Diploma, Polytechnic Diploma, Engineering Degrees, Medicine diploma or degree, Law, BSC(Ag), BSC(Vet), Pharmacy, BCA, BBA, MCA & MBA. The details are as follows:-

Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board


LWF Scholarships for Physical Handicap Children:

Scholarships are given to the Physically Handicapped (PH) children of the contributor workers. Amount of rupees is Rs.2,000/- irrespective of the class and course of the child or children.

Medical-Aid Help Scheme:

An amount of Rupees 20,000/- is being given to the workers, spouse and children who contribute for LWF, for undergoing operation/treatment of Chronic diseases for example Cancer, Brain tumor, and Heart Ailments. The application shall be made within one year from the date of operation/treatment.

AIDS – Treatment under LWF Scheme:

A number of Rupees 20,000/- will be s  granted to the worker who comes under Labour welfare schemes and contributes towards LWF,  for treatment of AIDS.


Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board Scheme for Loss of Limbs:

Financial help of Rupees up to 20,000/- will be given to the workers for loss of limbs in any accidents. Workers covered by ESI and who are eligible to claim are not eligible. The application shall be made within one year from the date of the accident.

Emergent Economic Ameliorative Relief Fund:

An amount of Rupees.20,000/- will be given to the legal heirs of the worker who died in an accident. An application shall be made by the workers’ nominee or guardian within one year from the date of death of the worker.


Financial Assistance on Natural Death:

A number of Rupees .10,000/- will be given to the legal guardian of the deceased worker under Natural Death Main aim of this scheme is to support the family members for the sudden loss of earning member.


Financial help for Funeral Expenses:

5,000/- Rupees will be paid to the legal nominee or guardian of the deceased worker towards funeral expenses of the deceased contributor worker. Application for this shall be made within 6 months from the date of death by his or her nominee or guardian.


Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare board SchemeMarriage Gift :

Gift of Rupees 9,000/-by a direct fixed deposit in the worker’s account and a pressure cooker of Rupees 1,000/- total Rs.10,000/-  will be given to the daughter of the worker and to the worker for marriage his or her marriage too. The application shall be made within 6 months from the date of marriage of the worker’s or his/her daughter marriage.


Maternity Benefit LWF Scheme: 

A scheme to provide financial help under maternity benefit of Rs.5,000/- to the women workers working in the establishment or organizations who are being not covered under E.S.I. Scheme or any such assistance provided by the worker’s management. The application shall be made within one year.


LWF Scheme For Family Planning:

Financial help of Rupees 2,000/- will be given to the worker contributor for undergoing Family Planning operation for those who are not working the public Sector Establishments and whose monthly salary/wage is up to 10,000/- Rupees per month.

Income Generating LWF Scheme:

A.P. Labour Welfare Board is imparting training for free, in Tailoring, Embroidery, etc. the name of few to the family members of the contributor workers in the Welfare Centers situated in Hyderabad.


Permanent  house for the Workers under LWF Scheme:

The Workers and Trade Union Leaders who come to Hyderabad from various parts of the A.P State are being provided with accommodation in the Tanguturi Anjaiah Workers Rest House with a rent of Rs 75/- per person per day.





For more details about Andhra Pradesh Labour Welfare Fund Scheme, you can also visit their official state as mentioned about.

Attached is the Form of Different schemes under A.P. LWF Schemes.

AP Labour Welfare board Scheme PDF download


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